I’m sure Tony Robbins might not approve, but I’ve been known to backdate my goals.

Yes, backdate. (Yes, having actual, forward-looking goals or a “One Word” is good, but stick with me – this is different.)

At the end of December, I’ll think about things that have happened during the year and write them down as if they were goals, and backdate it to January 1.

I’ll also include some things I didn’t accomplish to make it look realistic. 😂 😜

My first attempt in college—long before I became a motivational speaker and was paid to, well, motivate people—included things like:

– Get solid grades ✅
– Get a 4.0 ❌
– Have at least one date ✅ (Some years, anyway)
– Etc.

I’ve found this process has two benefits:



It gives me a chance to reflect on accomplishments and other happy moments that have occurred in a way I might not otherwise. I may not have hit all my goals, but something good happened!

Plus, it’s kind of fun!

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