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I now spend my days writing and speaking. Not at the same time.

It’s been a circuitous path to here. After winning a Super Bowl ring with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and witnessing teamwork and leadership from my time in the scouting departments of the Bucs and Jacksonville Jaguars, I talked Tony Dungy into writing a book. (I may have been unemployed for three years while I wore him down.)

That book, my first, was the #1 New York Times bestseller, Quiet Strength, and I have gone on to write numerous other books (eight of which have become NYT bestsellers, by my count – which may be skewed, since math wasn’t my thing), including The Mentor Leader, Uncommon, Uncommon Marriage, Through My Eyes (with Tim Tebow), Snap Decision, The One Year Impact For Living Men’s Devotional, Role of a Lifetime (with James Brown), and The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge.

When I speak to corporations, teams, churches or non-profits, I draw on lessons learned from coaching friends Tony Dungy, Mike Tomlin, Billy Donovan, Clint Hurdle and Tom Coughlin, as well as my college coach, Steve Spurrier.


Snap Decision

Nathan Whitaker

An exciting youth sports novel by New York Times bestselling author, Nathan Whitaker. In Snap Decision, Chase Clark just upped his game. A seventh grader, he scores the chance to play on the varsity football team with his best friend, Tripp. But when a hard hit takes Tripp down, Chase is the only one who knows what really happened. And telling could have serious consequences. Making the right call won’t be easy. Neither will the consequences he’ll face, both with the guys on the team and with the school. What’s the game plan when doing right might means everything else goes very wrong?

Quiet Strength

Tony Dungy & Nathan Whitaker

In this culture driven by material success, Tony Dungy reminds us what matters in the game of life. At the top of his NFL success, he demonstrates the value of making memories as well as money, seeing family as more important than fame, and building up a storehouse of eternal wealth that will never fade away.

The Mentor Leader

Tony Dungy & Nathan Whitaker

In The Mentor Leader, Tony reveals what propelled him to the top of his profession and shows how you can apply the same approach to virtually any area of your life. In the process, you’ll learn the seven keys of mentoring leadership―and why they’re so effective; why mentor leadership brings out the best in people; how a mentor leader recovers from mistakes and handles team discipline; and the secret to getting people to follow you and do their best for you without intimidation tactics.

The Soul of a Team

Tony Dungy & Nathan Whitaker

For most people, succeeding in life requires mastering the art of teamwork. Whether at work, school, church, or home, virtually everyone is part of a team―and when they work well, teams can accomplish more than individuals working by themselves. Whether you aspire to be a better leader or a stronger team player, The Soul of a Team will show you how to contribute to a stronger, healthier, more productive team destined for success.


Tony Dungy & Nathan Whitaker

What does it mean to be a man of significance in a culture that doesn’t offer many positive role models? Reflecting on lessons he’s learned from his parents, career, mentors, and journey with God, Dungy moves beyond material success to illuminate those ambitions, attitudes, and allegiances that make our lives truly meaningful.

You Can Be a Friend

Tony and Lauren Dungy & Nathan Whitaker

You Can Be a Friend is the first title in Tony and Lauren Dungy’s series of children’s books which feature inspirational stories that remind kids of the importance of family, friends, and self-confidence. In this story, Jade has been planning to have her birthday party at a water park, but her new friend, Hannah, is in a wheelchair. Now Jade has a decision to make: is it more important to keep her party where she planned, or to make sure all her friends have fun?

Through My Eyes

Tim Tebow & Nathan Whitaker

Former University of Florida star quarterback, 2010 first-round draft pick for theDenver Broncos, and devout Christian Tim Tebow tells the story of his faith, his life, and his career in football. Take a first look into the heart of an athlete whose talent and devotion have made him one of the most provocative figures in football.

Uncommon Life Daily Challenge Devotional

Tony Dungy & Nathan Whitaker

Strengthen the core of your life and faith on a year-long journey with beloved Super Bowl–winning former head coach Tony Dungy. living an “uncommon life” of integrity, honoring your family and friends, creating a life of real significance and impact, and walking with the Lord. This year, step up to the challenge―and dare to be uncommon every day.

Role of a Lifetime

James Brown & Nathan Whitaker

Millions of viewers know James Brown as a sports commentator and former athlete. With Role of a Lifetime, James reveals a different side of his character. Part memoir and part self-help, this book draws on James’s lessons from his faith and life experiences to guide readers to find fulfillment and significance.

Impact for Living Devotional

Scott Whitaker & Nathan Whitaker

All of us have been created by God for impact―a unique impact in this world. But too often we’re distracted from the eternal significance of our actions by the more alluring paths of power, wealth, image, and status. This daily devotional will help you to focus on your eternal legacies―what you can do each day by understanding your God-given purpose, potential, passion, and platform.

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