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You’re looking for an engaging, successful event — with someone who’s easy to work with — and Nathan wants to connect with audiences to make an impact that will live beyond the event.

A perfect pairing!

But that’s not all that makes working with a speaker successful.

Nathan not only customizes his presentation to fit the audience and theme, but he’s also fun to work with along the way. He’s low-maintenance and he strives to watch as much of the event program as possible before he speaks to strengthen his connection while on the stage.

Nathan’s goal is to not only educate but to connect emotionally, through humor and sincerity, to provide memorable takeaways for your audience. As an experienced professional with hundreds of paid presentations in his career he has the experience and flexibility to deal with the specific details of your event and attendees.

Review Nathan’s keynote presentation topics then discuss with him how he will uniquely tailor his presentation to your specific needs and situation.

“Many attendees declared that this was the best conference speaking event they had ever attended. It’s worth noting that these accolades come from business partners who regularly participate in conferences and events, having encountered hundreds of event speakers.

Nathan’s captivating stories, valuable insights, and leadership wisdom held the audience spellbound for an entire hour. Such was the engagement that not a single person left during his presentation. Nathan skillfully tailored his thoughts to align with our conference theme, effectively weaving it all together.”

Allen Masters

Vice President, FLAPPA

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