Building Leaders, Teams & Lives of Significance

I’ve been a part of lousy teams and unmotivated offices, just like you. We lost games and profits – too many. But in addition to those experiences, I was also fortunate enough to win a Super Bowl with the Buccaneers and a conference championship under Steve Spurrier, and can teach you and your team the skills and mindset I learned from those championship leaders to maximize the potential of your group.

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Poor leaders & weak teams have consequences

Underachieving teams can put you out of business before you feel like you’ve even started. Or they’ll get you fired. Poor leadership skills can only be covered over for so long. A purpose-less staff won’t stay together, and employee turnover creates a drag on performance and profits.

Q Staff Turnover

Q Leadership Drain

Q Unmotivated Team Members

Q Tasks Left Undone or Poorly Done

Q Lost Games

Q Lost Revenue

It doesn’t have to be this way!

I’ve worked with thousands of people to get their teams and organizations back on track.

Better Leaders

Both you and those in your organization will learn leadership skills, which in turn will create a sustainable environment of success, growth and diversity… along with greater opportunities for you and your team.

Better Teammates

Your organization will come to understand how the four simple elements of high performing teams apply to them as individuals…and in turn how the organization can build off the strengths of those members.

Resilience & Significance

We can be great teammates without getting rid of our personal hopes and dreams. We can build up the skill of resilience – yes, it’s a skill – and bounce back from adversity. Plus, we can live lives focused not merely on success, but significance and impact.

I can help.

I’ve been there. The excitement of a new position or team, surrounded by other motivated people, and then somehow you realize things are headed the right direction. Where’s the motivation? Am I being led or manipulated? Or is anyone in charge at all?

I’ve helped people reverse that slide. Rally around a shared vision. Pick each other up, get things back on track – and stay on track.

My many satisfied clients include…

“Nathan has an incredible way of communicating with our coaching staff and players because of his diverse background in sports and his ability to articulate his ideas in a way that paints a clear picture.”

Bryan Shelton

Head Men’s Tennis Coach, University of Florida

“Nathan served as a keynote speaker for our annual educational seminar, attended by over 500 members of the business and insurance industry. Nathan’s message was powerful and well received… I would recommend Nathan to any organization that seeks an inspirational speaker.”

George Kurani

MGC Law Firm

“Having Nathan Whitaker come to South Florida to speak to our rookies was fantastic. Our players were focused on his witty and captivating storytelling, and took home valuable lessons on leadership, teamwork, and significance.”

Yves Batoba

Miami Dolphins

Our coaches and staff loved the eight-weeks of professional and personal development with Nathan. Each session was quick but loaded with items they could take away and implement immediately, and they really appreciated being able to follow up with Nathan directly via email with any individual questions or concerns.

Chris Mott

Athletic Director, International School Bangkok

Creating better leaders & teams doesn’t have to be hard!

In fact, it’s as easy as 1… 2… 3…


Invite me to speak to your organization.


Talk with me so that I can customize my remarks to address particular areas of concern for your organization.


Follow up with my website’s resources to reinforce the lessons.

How can you build strong teams & leaders with a sense of mission?

Dysfunctional teams are the norm. Poor leadership seems the rule, not the exception. Setbacks can seem insurmountable. They don’t have to be!

I have helped thousands build high-performing teams, become better leaders, and live resilient lives.

My team and I know that you want to be a well-functioning team with excellent leadership. In order to do that, you need to focus on significance, not just success. It’s hard and can leave your team underperforming and frustrated. We believe strong teams and excellent leadership are skills that can be improved. My team and I can walk alongside you.

So, invite me. And in the meantime, check out my Blog, and get on the path to better performance and satisfied team members!

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