Last week I wrote about not transferring blame (via Colorado Mesa baseball).   

As leaders, as we — and those we lead — truly own our mistakes, it’s important that we also learn from them, and then move on. Learn from the past; don’t live in it.

That mindset is critical; the key is self-awareness and a willingness to grow. We won’t ever have it completely mastered. 

No one fully “arrives,” because we all have room for improvement. But mentor leaders who understand themselves and surround themselves with others who balance out their abilities are positioned for tremendous influence. They lead authentically as their best selves. And they lift up others to do the same.

Come to terms with your mistakes, even to the point of possibly forgiving ourselves where necessary, and move forward.

But do move forward.

We can take a moment to evaluate our priorities and work to find balance between responsibilities. And finally, make sure we recognize our own strengths while surrounding ourselves with others who complement those abilities.

But learn and grow. Mistakes happen. It’s part of the process. We won’t arrive, but that’s okay.

#accountability #leadership #growthmindset

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