We all have influence

Not too long ago I had the chance to speak in Iowa for Keltek, Inc. In addition to speaking on leadership concepts from The Mentor Leader, their Director of Marketing, Jesse Peters, asked me to speak on the unique platform we each enjoy, which is one of my favorite topics. The basic concept of “platform” is that each of us has a unique sphere of influence that no one else can fill in the way we can. 

No one.

Among those in attendance that day at the Iowa Speedway – what a unique place to speak! – were everyone from Iowa State Highway Patrol officers, EMS technicians, a couple of fire chiefs, several sheriffs, and number of deputies, as well as the installers that outfit first responders’ vehicles in the workshop, receptionists and other administrative assistants.

The beauty of platform is that everyone from Tim Tebow to Tony Dungy, a former US President, Oprah or my retired next door neighbor has one. Mine may not be as significant as theirs from a numbers standpoint, but there are people on home I can have a greater influence than any of those.

That’s true for all of us. There are people we interact with, sometimes under our own roof, sometimes outside, who we can impact – for better or worse – in a unique way. As I spoke on this, I looked out into that crowd of first responders, clerical workers and others, and was again reminded that while I may have been onstage, they were going to go out and impact the world around them in a way that I never will.

Keep that in mind today and beyond. You may be frustrated or unfulfilled with your current situation. But there are people watching, people in need of a friendly word or a hand up, that Oprah, my neighbor or I can’t reach.

But you can.

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