Be patient.

Mean Joe Greene was drafted in 1969 by the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the team actually fell from 2 wins to only 1!

The next year they drafted Terry Bradshaw and won 5.

In 1972 Greene was tired of the slow progress and QUIT after the fourth game (the Steelers were 2-2 at the time).

Coach Chuck Noll heard Greene had left and sent an assistant coach to the airport to tell Greene that they were building something special and they’d love to have him back, but if not, he understood.

Every player was “important but not indispensable.”

Greene returned to the team, and the 1972 season was a big leap forward (although the unbeaten Miami Dolphins still stood in their way).

Two years later, in 1974 the Steelers won their first of FOUR Super Bowls in the 1970s.

Be #patient. And #persistent.

Hang in there!

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