Such an exciting times for members of the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles! Last Sunday both qualified for the Super Bowl, and they are heading to Glendale, Arizona for the game.

We went through the same thing twenty years ago when I was in the scouting department of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers—long before I ever thought of becoming a motivational speaker—and it was amazing how many friends and family were interested in tickets. (Thankfully, my mom wasn’t and offered to keep our young daughter while we went to San Diego!).

A quick video:

We gave them a couple of days to gather requests and forward them to us, and then we tried our best to have any further requests come directly to us and cut them out of the loop. And then when we beat the Oakland Raiders that weekend, we patted ourselves on the backs! 😉

Who knows whether it really made a difference.

At the same time, as you know, even good distractions are…distractions. 

I’ve had to build in hacks to help lessen distractions (setting timers between checking my email or social media, the Do Not Disturb setting on my cell phone, not taking meetings at certain hours, etc).

You’ve probably got some good ideas – feel free to post them below:

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