What does it mean to strive for excellence, and does it follow that we’ll always be dissatisfied? And can we still be grateful?

In 1999, when I was still with the Jacksonville Jaguars, we went 14-2 but lost in the AFC Championship game to the Tennessee Titans…for the third time that season.

It occurred to me then – and I still think it’s true – that excellence isn’t always about achieving our goals. It might be…but not always. 

In working on Quiet Strength with Tony Dungy, he told me that he had a 6-10 team that he thought was more successful than a 12-4 team he’d coached. Seemed strange, until he explained: the 6-win team probably should’ve only won 3 or 4, while the 12-win team had the talent to be a Super Bowl winner. One maximized its potential, the other didn’t.

David Hodges is the co-owner of the Tahoe Knight Monsters (along with Tim Tebow), in addition to other hockey teams and various businesses. Click below for brief thoughts from David on striving for excellence:

I love that: “…a strong sense of always striving” even in the face of knowing they probably won’t hit every goal to be the best. Along the way, celebrating wins, appreciating where they’ve been and where they are now.

And then continuing to push forward to be the best. 

 Have a great day!


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