Nathan Whitaker speaking at Wofford

Living a Life of Significance

It’s easy to forget – at least for me! – but every one of us has the capability to use our unique position and platform to change lives around us, to live a life that is not only successful but significant for its impact on others. With humorous and moving examples, we’re reminded of why our role matters.

Resilience/Overcoming Adversity

Life will often be challenging. With several keys, including an outward focus and a spirit of gratitude, we can develop our resilience and more quickly and effectively bounce back from those challenges. In the process, we can often discover that there are opportunities lurking in the adversity.

Building an Organization of Sustained Leadership

The principles of mentoring and developing other leaders in our organization to create an environment where both individuals and the organization can thrive. By focusing on others, we strengthen both our organization and ourselves.

The Soul of a Team

We all want our organization to be greater than simply a group of individuals. Through anecdotes and principles, I illustrate the four elements (Selflessness, Owning your role, Unity and Larger purpose) required for building and maintaining high-performing teams.

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