Snap Decision

Snap Decision Sometimes the truth hits hard. Chase Clark just upped his game. As an eighth grader, he scores the chance to play on the varsity football team with his best friend, Tripp. But when a hard hit takes Tripp down, Chase is the only one who knows what really happened. And telling could have serious consequences. Making the right call won’t be easy. Neither will the consequences he’ll face, both with the guys on the team and with the school. What’s the game plan when doing right might means everything else goes very wrong?

Through My Eyes

Little-known fact: Tim played one sport in college, I played TWO. You do the math. Through My Eyes is his passionate, firsthand, never-before-told account of how he became a one-sport athlete.

The Mentor Leader

mentorleader The most recent collaboration between Tony and me…

Quiet Strength

quietstrength The book that started it all. It took me three years to talk Tony into writing this book (“No one wants to read a book about me,” he said). We wrote it in less than a month, and it has certainly been a blessing to get to know our readers in the process. In fact, we received such terrific feedback that it encouraged Tony to write another book with me…


Uncommon Tony’s goal of helping shape young people came into being en masse through the publication of “Uncommon,” our attempt at sharing those qualities and characteristics that we think critical to a well-lived life.

You Can Do It

You Can Do It The children’s book that we wrote (I’m uncredited – don’t ask – Tony wanted my name on it). For as much as we’ve enjoyed meeting our adult readers, it’s tough to beat getting to watch Tony and Lauren speak to a group of children about their capabilities.

Role of a Lifetime

Role of a Lifetime Turns out that I’m capable of working with people not named “Dungy.” James Brown and I (well, and Amy, who seems to have been adopted into the Brown family!) collaborated on this book. Tony rolls his eyes when he thinks of how impenetrable the vocabulary was when two Harvard guys got together.